Guide for affiliate


Refund referral can only be tracked by our system if items are restocked

In case an order is refunded, Secomapp system will create another referral record with a negative amount to balance with the previous one.

Merchant can then approve the addional record to make total commission of the refunded referral become 0$.

NOTICE: Secomapp system can only track refund with restocked items. So be noted that when you refund an order, click Restock item so our system can track:

NOTE: If you don't want Shopify to update your inventory in case you didn't actually restock, remove the click on Restock 1 item on the left side.

For example, if your item number before was 10, and refund order contains 1 item, if you tick Restock 1 item as normal, your inventory would be 11, but if you unclick that button, your inventory total amount would still be 10 items.