Guide for affiliate

PayPal integration

With our PayPal Payout Integration, you can pay your affiliates automatically within few clicks. Please follow our detailed instruction below to connect your PayPal account to Affiliate by Secomapp.


In order to connect your PayPal account, the following conditions must be met:

  • A PayPal business account (which has been verified)

  • Make sure Payouts is enabled on your PayPal Business account

Setup steps

Step 1: Enable your PayPal Payout

Visit your Paypal developer portal and click on Dashboard to visit your Developer account:

On My account, make sure you have your Payouts API enabled:

To verify this option, you need to contact PayPal for the process (it can take from hours to days). Paypal will email you that they are reviewing your request. Once you've been accepted you'll notice a green check mark signifying that the API is live.

Step 2: Create app

On My App & Credentials, select Live mode (do NOT use Sandbox mode):

Click Create app and enter app's name (Affiliate by Secomapp, for example) then click Create App:

Next, the Client ID and Secret will be shown on your screen:

Step 3: Start your integration:

Go back to Affiliate by Secomapp, visit Settings and navigate to Integration, you will see Paypal setup on the top of the page:

Enter your Client ID and Client Secret to the following fields:

Be noted to ticket the two checkboxes below then click Next:

Step 4: Activate Google authentication for two-factor authentication

Google Authentication app help to protect your account against password theft. Whenever you process any auto-payment transaction via PayPal within the app, you will need to enter a code generated by the Google Authenticator app on your phone.

  1. Download the Google Authentication app to your phone.

Download it on the AppStore or Google Play here.

2. Scan the QR code or enter the provided private key:

Example QR code and private key

3. Be noted to save your private key on paper in case of phone loss. You need to enter the private key to re-activate this feature.

4. Enter your Google Authentication code that is shown on your phone to finish the process:

Click Finish to complete your setup process.

Now an Auto-payout with PayPal option will be shown when you click on Payment tab:

You can click Process Payment to pay your affiliate automatically.

It is done with the PayPal integration process, you can now pay your affiliate within clicks, read our document about Automatic payout via PayPal for more details.

Error associated with PayPal integration:

When entering your PayPal credentials, some error might occur because of the following reasons:

  • Invalid Credentials

This error is usually displayed for one of two reasons.

  1. Sandbox credentials are copied over instead of Live details from PayPal

  2. Incorrect credentials are copied

  3. Client ID and Client Secret were mistaken.