Guide for affiliate

Lifetime commission

Enable lifetime commission, whenever a customer buys from an affiliate, that customer will be automatically connected to the affiliate so the affiliate will get lifetime commission for further purchase of the connected customer.

To enable Lifetime Commission, go to your Program Settings => Advance => Click to turn on Lifetime commission

Once you enable Lifetime commission, you have the option to set the first-time commission for the affiliate on the first order of any new customers referred by that affiliate.

By enabling this feature, your affiliate will get a different commission rule for the first commission while all future commissions will follow the program commission rate.

For example, if your Program commission is 10% and you set the First commission rule to be 20%.

If customer X buys from Affiliate A the first time, affiliate A will get 20% commission for that order, but for all other following orders bought by customer X, Affiliate A will only get 10% commission.