Guide for affiliate

Create custom link for affiliate

Beside the automatic affiliate link our system generate for affiliate when their account is activated, you can create custom link for your ambassadors.

To create custom link, go to Affiliate & Coupon tab => click on Affiliate's name to edit their details => click on Commission tab and find Customize affiliate link

There are two types custom link:

  • Custom link direct to specific page (must include referral code)

  • Custom link via redirect (not include referral code)

What's the difference?

1. Custom link which directs to a specific page of your site is used when you want your affiliate to promote a specific product/collections/landing page.

The Custom link directing to specific page must contain the affiliate referral code (which looks like: ?sca_ref=53414.XsVh9U1Njy)

2. Meanwhile, the Custom link via redirect doesn't need to include the referral code.

It is used when you want to create good-looking URL for affiliate which doesn't contain referral code (for example: shopurl/affiliate name)

You can change the affiliate link freely to your preference and just need to set up a redirect to make sure the custom link will redirect to the original affiliate link. However, be noted that you must create URL redirect in your store admin before saving the custom redirect link.

To get instruction for creating URL redirect, click HERE