Guide for affiliate

How Affiliate account looks?

As a merchant, you can login as your affiliate to see their account. To be specific, go to Affiliate & Coupon tab, find affiliate account you want to view and on Actions column, choose Login as icon:

Below are more details about How affiliate account looks:

After the Merchant accepts and clicks to Active that Affiliate account, the Affiliate can log in to their account and start working.

There are two ways for affiliates to promote your shop: through affiliate links and coupon codes (read the next article to learn about Tracking by Coupon feature).

At the Dashboard, the Affiliates can click to copy their own affiliate link or coupon to share and send to customers. Any orders resulted from that link will lead to a possible commission.

They can also generate a referral link for a specific product or add any link that exists on your site (one important note is that affiliate can use any link from your web to share with customers, but affiliate link must end with an affiliate parameter so their performance can be checked).

Plus, the affiliate can also generate referral link with source to track where the traffic comes from (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The source will then be shown on the graph and table below as well as on Commission and Payment tab so the affiliate knows which channels lead the conversion.

The Affiliate can notice all necessary data including Commission total and status and according graphs through periods. Affiliate can adjust the time span to show specific data.

At Commission, you can notice the situation of all commissions recorded for you (Approved/Rejected/Paid or Pending). Please click Detail to see more information about that conversion.

At Profile, Affiliate can update their detailed information.

At Payment tab, affiliate selects ONE payment method, they will choose from available payment method list that merchant picked, be noted that if an affiliate doesn't specify their payment detail, merchant cannot hit Mark as paid to inform them about sent payment.

In case merchant want to inform affiliate about an important note, merchant will announce through Guide section.


Marketing tools and Multi-level marketing feature have been released.

In Marketing Tools, merchants upload banners, logos or other promotional media to share with affiliates, affiliates can use these tool to promote merchant's business by embedding them on their website or share on other channels, affiliates can hover on the banner image and click on the icon to get the HTML embed code.

Multi-level marketing feature allows an affiliate to invite others into the affiliate network through the Network link displayed on Affiliate dashboard or on Network section. If any affiliate successful invites another distributor into the system through the network link, that distributor will be considered as a downline affiliate. It depends on merchant set up that any referral order brought by a downline affiliate may bring network commission to his/her upline affiliate.

In order to allow affiliate to invite others from their network link, merchants need to activate Multi-level marketing feature from their account.