Guide for affiliate

Manually add affiliate

Import affiliate list

In case you've already had an affiliate list or wish to move from another affiliate system to Affiliate by Secomapp, you can manually upload affiliate list.

Go to Affiliate & Coupon tab => Import affiliate

Upload a CSV file with required fields: first_name, last_name and email with the exact format as in the sample image, each upload limits 200 affiliates.

After that, you can choose one of two password formats: Auto generate password (our system will automatically generate random password for your team) or Set default password (all imported affiliates will use this default password as their temporary password). Moreover, you can choose whether to send notification emails to affiliate or not.

You can view and edit the notification email template on Email tab.

Manually add each affiliate

You can manually add each affiliate instead of uploading the whole list by registering their account on your Affiliate registration form for them.

After registering for your affiliate, you can send a notification to their email including the password you create and ask them to change password if needed.

In case you need further support for this feature, contact us at