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Convert customers to affiliates

When looking for the right people for your affiliate program, you may find that they are right in front of you; existing customers can make some of the best affiliates!

Best practises to convert customers to affiliates are:

  • Attract customer attention while they are on the website

  • Offer appealing affiliate commission rate

  • Make affiliate signup process as simple as possible

That's why we created Convert customers to affiliate feature: an effective tool to turn customers into affiliates.

TIP: Create a separate program for Converted customer, you can set this program to pay with Store credit exclusively, that will help to keep your customers as loyal customers.

Post purchase popup

How it works?

1. When a customer successfully places an order on your shop, a Popup will be displayed on Thank you page (after checking out) to introduce the affiliate program with a message to invite them to join a win-win relationship with you.

2. After the customer clicks the button on the popup, our system will automatically create an affiliate account with an affiliate link shown immediately.

3. An Email will be sent to your customer after they click including customer’s affiliate link, account login link and default password.

Note: Popup will not be shown to customers who have already had affiliate accounts on your website.

How to set up?

1. General settings

Click on Grow your affiliate tools on Menu=> Convert customers to affiliates => Post-purchase popup section on app back-end

On General Settings, click to Active to activate that feature.

If you want the popup to show just once for each customer, click to enable Show only once per customer (the next time that customer places an order, the popup won’t be displayed whether he/she clicked on the button before or not.)

If you want customer be able to close the popup when they click outside the popup area, click enable Close on Background click

Lastly, choose a program on your program list, all customers accepting to join your affiliate program via post-checkout popup will follow the settings of this program.

2. Design

You can fully customize popup design as well as see popup preview on Design tab

3. Email notification

We've created email layout and email content for your full customization. But you should make sure emails sent to your customer would contain 3 following elements: affiliate link, account login link and default password.

Convert sign-up customers to affiliates

Besides Post-purchase popup, you can enable new feature: Convert sign-up customers on your shop to affiliates.

When customers register their account on your shop, our system will automatically create affiliate accounts for them and send notification email to customers with their affiliate links and their affiliate log-in details.

Firstly, activate this feature and choose a program you want your customers to be in:

Then you will be able to customize the notification email sent to new register customers

Click Save changes to save your settings