Guide for affiliate

Where affiliate can find resources to promote merchant shop?

To promote merchant's shop, affiliate have in hand the Affiliate link, Coupon (if assigned) and media uploaded in Creatives. These resources is provided inside affiliate account so affiliate can easily approach.

1. Affiliate link:

The affiliate link is shown on Dashboard of affiliate account when they sign up and get active:

Merchant can also see affiliate link of each affiliate when clicking Edit on affiliate account => click on Commission tab

2. Coupon

Coupon also display on Dashboard, but it only shows if merchant assign a coupon to that affiliate.

Read the document about Tracking by coupon to know how to assign coupon to affiliate.

3. Media uploaded in Creatives (Marketing Tools)

Affiliate can access media in Marketing Tools tab:

Affiliate can view, get embeded code or download these files.

If they click Get embeded code, they can see html code to embed on their website and copy Share link linked with that image:

For affiliate who barely know about embeding code, they can download images and upload them on their post on social media or other channels, then add the share link on the post.